Trucker's Lament

    Talk about a wasted life, I drove a rig for 36 years.  Looking out a window

holding a steering wheel, talk about excitement--ya right!  Give me a break,

take me to the lake and throw me in, weigh me down, give me a crown, write

it down, the mileage as I go down, take out the key, let it follow me in case

there's a life without a wife waiting on the other side for me.  Oh stop com-

plaining, it's so damn draining listening to you whine and cry, you made your

life, you took a wife, it seems so long ago, but it went fast too fast, you know,

that I really hate looking back,  but I see my kids and my grandkids and I   

realize it was all worth it.  I walk the walk, I talk the talk and just kept on

trucking,  and time flew by in the blink of an eye, and I'm sitting here with

tears in my eyes wishing I did it differently,  but how could I,  coming from

school  without the tools to see me to a better life.  Instead I partied, hung

out with the guys getting in trouble not giving a damn, so life goes on for

better or worse, but no matter what we do we all end up in the back of a

hearse.  So don't try to tear it, just grin and bear it, for life too big for that,

I did my thing, I took my swing and grabbed for the golden ring, but I just

missed it and fell to the ground never having tried again, but it's trying that

pays, before you go to your grave.  So give it your very best shot, and who

could say if there will be a better day, if you just keep on trying.  For life's

too short, it will pass in a flash and some day you'll blink your eyes and it

will be all gone, and you'll wonder why it happened so fast.  You'll wonder

why as you think of the past with tears in your eyes, so take it from me a guy

who knows, a guy who drove all the major roads of life.  Don't ever give up,

you have to hang tough, and if necessary spit in their eyes, the one's who say

you can't make it.  You know your heart so follow it, and good luck to you no

matter what you do, love and be proud, for you will come to the point that

I'm at now, so try try try.


(This was written to Jeff & Kenny on  Aug 30, 1996)