Below are Soundex cards that where done during the early 1930's to track the people of the 1920 Census.  The first name on top shows the head of the household .   Their age and where they lived and their citizenship status. The other numbers tell where to find them in the actual Census by volume #, E.D. (election district) Sheet and line #.  The other names are family members, the relationship to the head of household, their age and where they were born. The last column shows their citizenship of each. I am not sure what the date means. It could be the date they came to America or the dates they became citizens.  I'm not sure at this time.

Josephine DelCogliano,  age 62,  born in Italy.   Living at 285 East 148th Street,  Bronx,  New York.   Wife of Ludevico, (who ddied in 1919). Living with her were her 2 sons and 3 daughters and their families.

Her son Ernest,  age 35 and his wife Louise and her 2 grandchildren:
Angelina, age 13
Grace, age 12

Her daughter Nelinda,  age 26 and her
son-in-law John Campanilla,  age 41.
Her 6 grandchildren: 
Louis, age 10
Dominick, age 9
Joseph, age 7
Columbia, age 6
Albert, age 4 and 6 months
Camilla, age 1 and 10 months

Her son Albert, age 29.   Her daughter Nancy,  age 22 and her daughter Minnie,  age 19.
Everyone was born in Italy except the 7 grandchildren who were born in New York.

Paul Del Cogliano, age 41, born in Italy.  Living at 238 East 148th Street,  Bronx,  New York.
His wife Carmella, age 39.

Their 4 daughters:
Josephine, age 16 (born in Italy)
Esttrina, age 14 (born in Italy) Ernestino, age 12
Kate, age 4

Their 2 sons:
Umberto,  age 10
James, age 8

His brother-in-law
Vincenzo Di Benedetto, age 46

Vincent Del Cogliano, age 33, born in
Italy.  Living at 694 Morris Ave.  His wife Katherine, age 25.
There 4 children:
Ludwig, age 9 (my father)
Josephine, age 8
Fanny, age 6
Mary, age 1 and 7 months