T h e   D e l C o g l i a n o' s

This site is dedicated to our ancestors who left their homelands with little more than their willingness to work at making a better life for themselves and their families. These brave and adventurous people have profoundly influenced their descendants.  From them we each have a rich and unique heritage that gives us our sense of identity.  We hope that this family tree continues to grow and helps bring together all the Del Cogliano's throughout the United States and Italy .

My Wood Carvings

Recent Pictures Up Dated 1-30-2017

Family Tree

Nicole & Gaelan's Wedding  6-26-2001

Descendents of  Paolo Del Cogliano

My Scroll Saw Cuttings

Descendents List of  Paolo Del Cogliano

Mark & Amy's Wedding  6-23-2007

Benevento Pictures

Ed's Craft Fair

Michelle & Brian's Wedding  1-12-2008

1920 Census

Our New Home in Cary, North Carolina

Antique Radio Collection

Official Documents

Nicole & Gaelan's Farm Website in                    Burnsville, North Carolina

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My Aunt Mary
1918 - 2013

Remembering My Brother
Vinny  1936 - 2006

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